Spring - Summer 2017 Newsletter - Electronic PDF Forms
When Adobe released Acrobat Reader 11.0 - we found the most useful enhancement was the ability to create Form Fields that allows the end user to fill in the form data and save it to their system, utilizing this free Reader (11.0 or higher) - Finally!  Reader Extensions Activation is no longer required for forms created in Acrobat Pro - the extension is still required for Adobe LiveCycle forms.
With the release of Acrobat Pro XI, users must now have Reader 11.0 installed - Reader 7.0 - 10.0 cannot take full advantage of the new features within this latest version. We noticed that Adobe is not including LiveCycle with the latest Windows version of Acrobat Pro - this must now be purchased separately. Due to this, we have discovered a way to edit forms in Acrobat Pro that were created in Adobe LiveCycle and now offer this service for those clients that do no have Adobe LiveCycle.
With the creation of PDF Expert app for the iPad tablet, EZ PDF Reader Pro app for Android tablet, XODO app for iPad and Android, and the Drawboard app for Surface Tablets, these users are now able to fill in and save entered form data on Electronic PDF forms just as users of Windows and MAC systems with Adobe Reader installed. Forms can also be electronically signed on screen, using your finger or Stylus, with all of these apps.


We have put all these features to extensive testing. Existing forms were opened in Acrobat Pro - we then used the Enable Usage Rights in Adobe Reader located within the Advanced Toolbar. We were prompted on the new file name that it will be saved as. Once new name is entered, Acrobat 8.0 Pro adds the necessary code to the form - this allows the end user to fill in the form and save it with their data entered using Acrobat Reader 7.0 or higher.


With Acrobat Reader 10.0 and higher, the end user now has the ability to Electronically Sign a form.  If a Digital Signature is required, then a Digital Signature box will be inserted or end user can insert a Digital File by using their mouse to create a box. With PDF Expert app for the iPad, users have the ability to sign the form directly on the tablet screen using the incorporated Signature Panel. Android tablet users sign forms on screen using the freehand panel incorporated into apps.
Forms were sent to users and they were asked to fill in data and save it - wanted to make sure it worked well for them. All respondents were able to save the form with their data entered. Responses were: "Worked Great".


We tested forms originally created in full Acrobat 5.0 through 10.0 - Acrobat Pro worked on all, without a problem - this was a major benefit! No revisions were necessary to enable these forms. Files were simply opened in Acrobat Pro - user rights enabled, then saved - we were done.


Acrobat 8, 9, 10, and 11 Pro also allows users to incorporate multiple forms into one PDF file and save the Reader Usage Rights. To do this, simply go to File - Combine Files. In the Combine Files window, add your forms to be be combined. Now, click on the Next button. The default setting is Merge Files - to save the Reader Usage Rights, click the Assemble files into PDF package [all red warnings should disappear]. Once done, click the Create button - save your file and your New PDF file will retain all incorporated settings!

The only end user requirement is Acrobat Reader 9.0 or higher be installed on their system to fill in your form fields and save the entered data - no 3rd party software is needed. Note: Preview software supplied with the MAC Operating system does not allow saving data entered into forms - end users need to download / install Adobe Reader for their MAC system.


Adobe did a nice job on making this feature simple and not requiring an existing PDF form to be modified. This now puts Acrobat Pro into the hands of SOHO businesses - no outrageous pricing on enabling reader rights [$10,000 per form]. Businesses can now have a paper form scanned - form fields enabled for a reasonable price, such as what we offer - Thank you Adobe!