Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the most common questions we have received over the past years on Electronic PDF forms.  If your question concerning our service is not answered here, contact us at the e-mail address shown at page bottom - answers are sent within 48 hours.

Can I Save My Entered Data With Acrobat Reader?

Our converted electronic form enables the user to enter their data into the form and save it.  When the form is opened, your data will show in the form fields.  You can update / modify the data and save the changes.  The only requirement is that the user must have Adobe Acrobat Reader 11.0 or higher installed on their PC or MAC.  Once form has been electronically signed, Adobe Reader flattens the form and no changes can be made.  [MAC Preview does not allow saving entered form data].  With Acrobat Reader XI and above, the Adobe Reader Rights are no longer required on forms produced using Adobe Acrobat Pro - if Adobe LiveCycle has to be used, then they are still required to save data.  With Windows 8 and 10.0 machines, use the Adobe Reader XI or higher to work with your forms and not the built in PDF Reader app!  *Electronically filled in forms sent to iPhone or iPad users may not display correctly due to a flaw in how Apple Mail displays the attachment.  We list a workaround for this issue on our Newsletter page.

Can I Enter / Save Data Using My iPad, Android, or Surface Tablet?

Your converted electronic form include the ability to be filled in on your tablet with an inexpensive application.  Your iPad will require PDF Expert or Xodo app to be installed.  Android tablets require EZ PDF Reader Pro or Xodo PDF app.  Microsoft Surface Tablets require Adobe Reader Touch, FoxIt Reader, or Drawboard app - do not use the built in app Reader.  Note:  EZ PDF Reader Pro and PDF Expert apps allow you to take / insert pictures into your form - this is a benefit to many industries - see Inserting images into forms below

Can I Digitally Sign The Electronic Form?

Yes, by default Adobe Reader now allows both electronic and digital signatures on forms that have signature lines - you simply click on the Fill & Sign Tab - Place Signature.  For a Digital Signature, the end user must set up a digital signature on their computer before they can digitally sign the form.  Once the signature file is setup, they simply enter their signature.  We have created a step-by-step guide for Adobe Reader and it can be downloaded from our folio page.  With iPad, Android, and MS Surface tablets, the apps for PDF forms allow the user to sign on screen using their finger or stylus.  PDF Expert for iPad and Xodo for Android are the most comprehensive and easiest app for signing electronic pdf forms

Can I Add More Pages To My Forms?

Yes. We can combine multiple forms / pages into one file or create a "Package" that includes multiple forms into one master file.  With multiple page forms, we can use the "Global" feature and have information that is the same on all pages automatically fill in.  We have created master template pages that auto fill multiple forms for bonding companies and medical facilities.  Note:  The "Global Feature" does not work on certain tablet apps - contact us for more details.

How Do I Change My Paper Form?

Depending upon the form, we have the ability to handle this is multiple ways.  If possible, we can make changes directly on the PDF copy with our software.  If this cannot be done, we insert text boxes with a white background [Digital Whiteout] and include the changes within this box - these inserts are made "read only" and users cannot change them.  If the scanned paper copy is "dirty", we try to clean up copy with Photoshop then save it as a PDF.

How Do I Insert Images Into My Form?

Forms that will be used exclusively on a PC or MAC can have image boxes inserted and the picture will be inserted within these boxes.  iPad and Android tablet apps handle this ability slightly different - EZ PDF Reader Pro from UniDOCs and PDF Expert from Readdle allows you to take a picture with your tablet camera and insert it directly into the form - we have created an image page that can be added to form and pictures can then inserted on this page.  Images can be "flattened" and will become permanent part of document.  Field Technicians and Medical Facilities are embracing this feature.  We have extensive knowledge of this application and can further assist you with any questions - please contact us for details.

Need Help Fast?

We offer full customer support on all of our Electronic PDF forms - our work is fully guaranteed to your satisfaction.  Our company has built a wealth of information on Electronic forms, including using tablet applications and the problems you may encounter.

Need more? We also offer a variety of helpful resources as well as custom design services for your modification needs.  Contact us at 816-453-7575 or e-mail us: